Nov 16, 2007

About Coupon Codes Place

Being a mom to 7 kids, I spend a lot of time trying to stretch my budget. Using coupon codes is just one of the methods I use to save money.

What are coupon codes?
Coupon codes are promotional codes that companies provide customers for the purpose of saving money on internet purchases. These promotional codes range from free shipping to a percentage off the purchase price. It is a great incentive to encourage customers to make purchases online.

Why would anyone want to use coupon codes, when you can go to the mall?
Convenience. Anyone that has children knows that a relatively inexpensive purchase that is required at the mall can turn into a chunk of change. Anyone recall the ever irritating chant: "I'm hungry. I'm thirsty. Can I get this or that?". You can end up spending a lot more than you were planning. Coupon codes help you save money in more ways than one. You can eliminate impulse shopping. Promotional codes save time. No more infinite checkout lines. Say goodbye to poor customer service from overworked sales people. No more aggravation.

Why does look different from other coupon codes sites?
While visiting other sites, I tended to feel a sense of information overload. Being an avid blogger, I decided to create a different type of coupon codes place where the design is a little more inviting. The couponcodesplace is also interactive. Your comments are welcome. You may even add a coupon code, if you have one that's not listed. Stores are listed by name and by category. That way you can find new stores you may never have known about. Use the Google search for anything you can't find. Their results are excellent.

Hope you enjoy my labor of love. I hope you find all the deals and bargains you are looking for......and MUCH MORE!

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